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[MF]Windows 7 Loader,Activator v2.0.6

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As seen loader, this activator promises to give eternal life to our windows seven thus achieving an OEM system with ability to perform updates from windows update, logo plate on the information system.In this new release with an interface very similar to the view loader integrates the functionality of Hazar and potential trigger activation in 64-bit systems.

Windows 7 RTM Ultimate Activation with OEM Information

This only works for Windows Activator 7 RTM Ultimate (Retail and OEM Edition)

Tested on x86 and x64 (32 Bits & 64 Bits)

The trigger operates in both systems, both virtual machines and computers as dual boot (two or more operating systems)

There is no need to use the Activator serial

Adds a key activator OEM on your system.

Choose one of the OEM brand to add to your system.

It requires no change in the BIOS.

Does not include text to start the computer.

Method uses the OEM SLP.

Supports BIOS SLIC SLIC not.

SLIC 2.1 emulates a BIOS on a system without SLIC 2.1.

Use "7Loader Install" to install the certificate & key in offline mode.

If you have a modified BIOS can utitilizar "SLIC 2.1 in BIOS" to install the certificate & key in offline mode without applying Loader.


Recommended for use on a clean install of windows 7.

You must remove all changes made by 7loader in previous versions, this includes Orbit30 win7 tool kit.

Either way you will have to do a clean install.

Disable UAC to secure the facility.

1. Run "7loader" in a partition.

2. Wait until the end of the activation and display a window.

3. Restart.

* Multi-boot: Works with dual boot, however if you have windows vista Vistaloader activated, then you need to turn after turn on windows 7.

Use OpaTool and select 'B' (DO NOT use Option C in Vista).

Work in Enterprse, Home Premium and other issues?

No certificates or keys for these versions at the moment. when they exist, update triggers.

Only the Ultimate edition is compatible with the activator.

Microsoft has blacklisted the key you use to activate?

If the product key to OEM filter is blocked (blacklist), but in October when new OEM product triggers an update.

Windows 7 E?

If you have this windows, you can not activate this loader as canceled all versions microsoft E. You must install a version no E.

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