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    [Wii] Standby Fan Hardmod

    By eatyerface,
    Occasionally I had problems with my Wii overheating while in standby with wiiconnect24 turned on. I found this information while browsing the internet and wanted to share it with you guys. If you use riiconnect24 then this mod is for you. Otherwise just don't do this because it's not needed, just turn wiiconnect24 off in the settings. WARNING : I am not responsible if you attempt this and screw up. This will require some fairly simple soldering. If you are unsure if you can do it, have someone else do it for you. You can optionally connect the two contact points with a switch if you want to be able to cut the fan on or off instead of having it permanently on. How to keep your Wii from overheating Are you worried about your CPU or GPU overheating while your Wii is in standby? This can be caused by WiiConnect24 being turned on, causing the Wii to continue operating while it is turned off. Here is a simple solution to cool down your Wii in standby. This mod will keep the fan on at all times, when the Wii is on or off, provided WiiConnect24 is enabled. If WiiConnect24 is disabled, then the fan will stay off when in standby, because it is not needed. To turn your fan on in standby, simply solder a wire from TP49 to 5V. Both of these points are located on the bottom side of the motherboard. It is recommended to not use too thin of wire (26awg would be good). This mod is perfectly safe to do and because the fan is so silent, you will not even notice it.  

    3+hrs and still cant get boxart working on wiiflow

    By ballbreaker88,
    Hi all, I'm currently working on a Wii arcade machine project ATM and I am almost complete with the Wii's side of things except that I'm stuck with getting the coverart to load. I am using wiiflow 4.2.3 mastermod pack, everything is running as needed, but can't get box covers working at all "except Wii and GC".. I have read through pages of forums have watched videos on YouTube and still can't prevail on this issue I have made sure the png's have .Zip at the end made sure the .Ini files are pointing in the right direction.. And still Wiiflow will not find the box art. I have put them in the boxcover folder I have put them in the root, so many different places i have lost count current .ini file [PLUGIN]
    displayname=FBA CPS1
    coverfolder=WiiFlow/boxcovers/cps1 ?? etc neogeo... mame...cps2  " i have tried lowercase wiiflow"
    arguments={device}:/{path}/|{name}   Any help will be amazing

    Seiken Densetsu 3 [ENG] USB Ready?

    By Zalphon,
    Hello everyone, I have tried to no avail to generate a working USB-Ready version of Seiken Densetsu 3 [ENG]. I have all the tools to make the injection, but can't seem to get it working, and Loadiine ready just won't cut it for me. Anyone might have a working version of this? Or can provide the right steps to get it working? I have tried every website and guide I could find so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    free game bro thank

    By alfredo_1990,


    By marioefh,
    Kdmqk   Cool

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