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  1. [1F] South Park The Fractured But Whole

    how do i install it ?
  2. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Wait so why do people download it ?
  3. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    can someone please explain on how to install these games ?
  4. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    @Hudson please where can i find ttutorial to install these games
  5. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Hello and thnak you Hudson. A bit stupid question but where cna i find the turoial on how to prperly install a game onto the Switch ? Edit: @Hudson can you please upload it to a different server ? My download stopped at 34 % and it says either pay for PRO or wait five hours... thank you