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  1. Sorry, but I don't know this too... More information come in the near future I hope...
  2. For now, there is no possibility to download DLC's. But after fully unlocking Switch, I believe, that this could be possible too...
  3. Hi, Skyrim is already uploaded and Atelier will be soon... Of course, these games are planned... Especially Puyo Puyo Tetris... BTW: Added sizes of uploaded games to the game list and total size of the collection.
  4. Thank you all for your support... New releases already added to the collection - Ben 10, FIFA 18 and Monopoly... NBA on current upload...
  5. I will upload these games on Google Drive, maybe tomorrow, maybe a little bit later... Here:
  6. I dont know, where is the problem. I just downloaded ARMS without any problem. For extracting I used WinRar, and no error...
  7. Have you downloaded all rar parts? Xenoblade - 58 parts Just Dance - 55 parts Use JDownloader 2 program...
  8. I will not upload any DLCs for now, sorry. You have to download each rar file separated. Or, if you let Google pack my small rar files to bigger rar files (part1, part2, etc. --> through "DOWNLOAD ALL" button), you have to download all parts, not only one or first. I hope you understand me... When you look into MarioKart 8 folder on Googlde drive, you can see all parts - 31 rar files.