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  1. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    we all hate these advertisement sites but do you want to pay to download these games? there is another thread without one go buy the premium from the website he provides and you will get the same speed you get from MEGA or GDrive otherwise, learn how to skip the ad. sometimes when you click on continue a pop up advertisement will show, close it and press continue again. if you still cant get past then something is wrong with your browser try a different one
  2. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    update your winrar or download 7zip
  3. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    added gdrive links for zelda kirby splatoon and mario odyssey
  4. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    wait 5 seconds then click on continue on the top right corner "shorten advertisement bull crap" is the reason why I can regularly reupload the dead links on MEGA otherwise you are stuck with awful servers with only 50KB download speed unless you pay for the premium of course
  5. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Added Atelier Lydie.and Suelle The Alchemist and the Mysterious Paintings Bayonetta 2 Kirby Star Allies Reuploaded Super Mario Odyssey on MEGA
  6. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Thanks you made my work easier Added 1fichier mirror to these dead links. will fix the Mega links tomorrow
  7. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Latest Uploads: Lego City Undercover USA Switch Marvel Super heroes 2 Nights of Azure 2 Bride of the New Moon Rocket League Snipperclips Plus Cut it Out Together The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Touhou Kobuto V Burst Battle
  8. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Cars 3 Driven to Win USA Cartoon Network Battle Crashers EUR Cave Story USA Dragon Quest Builders Fate EXTELLA The Umbral Star Gear Club Unlimited I Am Setsuna Switch Just Dance 2017